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Rachel Smith, Author at The Open College of the Arts
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Rachel Smith

Student work: Creative Arts thumb

Student work: Creative Arts

As a tutor I find the exciting challenge is how students can then be encouraged to combine, apply, and adapt these skills as they start to build and test their own interdisciplinary approach inside the unit supported by the course materials.  Rachael Barns has recently completed 1.2 and her work is an excellent example of how skills can be combined and adapted to produce Creative work

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Student work: Archive as Creative Presentation  thumb

Student work: Archive as Creative Presentation 

This blog post introduces the production of a creative archive by ECA student Tim Harbridge. Tim’s Box Concert archive demonstrates an excellent and engaging use of combined methods across film, audio, physical objects, and installation. 

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Practice-as-research and Research-as-practice. The Creative Arts work of Stage 3 student Gesa Helms. thumb

Practice-as-research and Research-as-practice. The Creative Arts work of Stage 3 student Gesa Helms.

In May, after concluding Stage 3 of the Creative Arts pathway, tutor Rachel Smith spoke with student Gesa Helms to explore the interweaving between practical and theoretical work in her practice and how practice-as-research methods have informed her three Stage 3 modules. 

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Sharing Reading Strategies thumb

Sharing Reading Strategies

This post has developed out of conversations which were part of the Creative Arts group work sessions last year. These were exploring a range of approaches to combining practice and research. This got me thinking about reading and how it can underpin practice based research and so it would be useful to share some tips […]

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Demonstrating physical processes thumb

Demonstrating physical processes

One of the functions of keeping a learning log is to demonstrate and reflect on your process of making a final selection of images for each assignment. This process can involve reflecting on and documenting any physical work which reveals your critical thinking

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