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Music: Sustaining Your Practice thumb

Music: Sustaining Your Practice

Have you ever wondered how to make the first step from being a music student to launching a career as a professional musician, or how to gain the skills that will help your creative practice to flourish after graduation? The final course in OCA’s music degree, launched in September, does exactly that. 

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Equality, diversity and inclusion in music studies  thumb

Equality, diversity and inclusion in music studies 

I am proud to represent the OCA in the Creative Practice: Composition and Performance working group in the newly formed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Music Studies (EDIMS) Network, a cross-organisational group set up to ‘promote, support and share good practice in relation to EDI in Music Higher Education in the UK’

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Student stories: Jane Plumridge thumb

Student stories: Jane Plumridge

I’m a mature student currently studying OCA’s Music Foundation Course before moving on to their Music Degree Programme once I’ve finished that. If it wasn’t for OCA it would be impossible for me to continue music studies to a higher level. You see, my situation is different to say the least. Let me give you a brief idea.

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OCA news: New Level 3 (HE6) music courses launched thumb

OCA news: New Level 3 (HE6) music courses launched

For the last few months, the music team have been working hard in the creation of the first two Level 3 courses, which are now ready for enrolment.

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Digital Assessment: Music thumb

Digital Assessment: Music

It is always a huge pleasure to see the assessment portfolios at each event, and to see each student’s development as they work through the degree. The music team are enormously proud of the successes of all of our students, and especially the personal breakthroughs that we see within the work. 

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OCA News: Music MRes proposal thumb

OCA News: Music MRes proposal

In conjunction with the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), we are currently exploring the viability of creating an MRes degree in Music. This would be an online course, part time over 2 years, taught in a cohort with a combination of individual supervision and group sessions.

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Composing for flute: workshop and studio recording thumb

Composing for flute: workshop and studio recording

OCA Music students are invited to take part in a project to create new works for the flute. The project will take place in multiple stages, encompassing an online workshop, a studio recording and, funding permitting, the opportunity to work with an ensemble.

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Solo flute quartet thumb

Solo flute quartet

In October I will be undertaking an exciting tour of new work for solo flute and electronics. The works have been created in collaboration with composers from the UK,  USA and Ireland, and each piece creates a unique sound environment with the flute placed at the centre.

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OCA Music: Flute recordings thumb

OCA Music: Flute recordings

As part of a developing collaboration with UCA’s music department, I visited the new recording studios at the Farnham campus on 27 March. I recorded some flute music by UCA composers as part of a film music project, and, in return, was given the opportunity to use the studio facilities to record solo flute works by OCA composers. Four students responded to the call for pieces.

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