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OCA news: New Level 3 (HE6) music courses launched thumb

OCA news: New Level 3 (HE6) music courses launched

For the last few months, the music team have been working hard in the creation of the first two Level 3 (HE6) courses, which are now ready for enrolment.

Major Project provides an opportunity to concentrate on the development of a practical portfolio of 20-25 minutes duration. Students can follow a choice of specialism from composition, orchestration/arrangement or creative musicology (for example, creating performing editions of historical manuscripts, realisations of open-notation contemporary scores or reconstructions of film scores). You may also combine specialisms, for example by making arrangements of historical repertoire in consultation with manuscripts and primary sources.

This practical work takes place alongside the research-based Contextual Studies course, which provides an opportunity to carry out an in-depth exploration of a topic which is related thematically to the Major Project portfolio. This might include the work of a specific composer, style of composition, approach to orchestration, historical topic or a broader theme such as the use of a particular instrument, or the impact of landscape on national compositional styles. The list of possibilities is endless, and you are encouraged to follow your individual passions and find an area of personal interest. The research culminates in a 5000-word dissertation or alternative written format. 

The two courses are studied together, and supported by two tutors. At this level, the focus is on independent learning and developing a personal voice, both as a practical musician and as an academic researcher. The shape and format of your portfolio and research project is for you to decide; there is a good deal of freedom built into the courses to enable you to develop and explore your personal interests, with the tutors serving as mentors to guide you on your learning journey.

To register for the Level 3 courses, you will first need to arrange a Level 3 Progression Discussion through Course Support. This should take place towards the end of your Level 2 studies, either before or after your final Level 2 unit has been assessed.

If you have any questions regarding Level 3 Music study at the OCA, contact the Programme Leader, Carla Rees.

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3 thoughts on “OCA news: New Level 3 (HE6) music courses launched

  • I’m so excited to be one of the first students studying the new Level 3 courses. Huge thanks to Carla and all the other tutors and support staff who made this happen!

  • I’m really looking forward to level 3, as I approach the end of level 2. Just hoping I qualify to be accepted! It’s exciting to see the new courses are finally ready. Will there still be the Maintaining Your Practise Unit?

    Congratulations to Emma for being the first student on level 3!

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