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Hangout with the MoMA

This is a post from the weareoca.com archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.
Google’s ‘Hangouts on Air’ have been gaining popularity over the last year as an easy and effective means of holding informal online discussions through a webcam. The OCA’s MA Fine Art has made extensive educational use of Hangouts throughout its second year for group crit sessions, and now Google have announced that they will be holding arts-focussed public Hangouts, starting at 1AM(!) this Thursday (7th March) with MoMA. In the MoMA discussion, Deborah Howes, MoMA’s Director of Digital Learning, along with a panel of artists and students, discussing how to teach art online. To take part in this live discussion, you will need a large pot of coffee and a Google account. If you don’t have access to the former, the Hangout will be available for later viewing on the Hangouts YouTube channel. For both sessions, questions can be put to the hosts in advance via Google’s Events page.
OCA Hangout on AirThat pedagogic discussion will be followed up with a more arts-focussed talk on the subject of ‘depictions of the female nude’ at the National Gallery in London on 20 March, hosted by the gallery’s Caroline Campbell and Arnika Schmidt.  Both of the talks are likely to include the use of the ‘Google Art Project‘ within the Hangout session; an increasingly useful tool for viewing artworks from galleries around the world in fine detail.
Full details of the announcement can be found on the Google blog, here: Introducing Art Talks on Google+
Additional talks through Google Hangouts are promised by Google from a range of other artistic institutions.
On 19th March, the OCA will be holding its own ‘Hangout on Air’ with tutor Caroline Wright, for an  an opportunity to ask questions about the MA Fine Art, and consider whether it might be right for you, so if you’ve yet to use a Google Hangout and would like to participate in the OCA’s discussion, the MoMA Hangout is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted!

Posted by author: Paul Vincent
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2 thoughts on “Hangout with the MoMA

  • I’m presuming this is the New York MoMA and not the Oxford one to account for the perverse start time. Might be best for us to ask a question in advance and then view later on Youtube if that is possible. There’s lots of interesting information here whether or not we tune in to the hangout – thankyou Paul.

  • Yes, it’s in New York but the Hangout will be available as a recording here the following morning. Given the subject matter and time of The National Gallery event on the 20th perhaps that’s the better event for students to attend, although tonight’s should be interesting educationally.

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