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Right up the bracket

Parentheticals in a script are mini descriptions put into dialogue (in brackets), usually to describe emotion, or what the character is doing while talking, or the way the character delivers the dialogue.

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Creative writing hangout: Revealing character through script

Join OCA tutor Guy Mankowski on the 15 August at 6pm. In this session we will be discussing how to use the script form to both build and to reveal your character.

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Call of the North and Hero City: a screening and talk with artist Ruth Maclennan

Join OCA Moving Image course author Ruth Maclennan on the 4 February in London. Pushkin House in association with Open College of the Arts is pleased to present two recent films by Ruth. After the screening the she will be in conversation with Vlad Strukoff, Associate Professor in Film and Digital Culture at the University of Leeds.

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Stick to the script

‘Don’t spend any time trying to be original if you want your film or television script to get noticed by producers.’ OCA tutor James Richards told it to them straight at last Saturday’s scriptwriting workshop at the Ilkley Literature Festival on Saturday. He compares attempts at originality to trying to build a car using British Leyland […]

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Roarin’ and bubblin’ – writing good dialogue

‘Great dialogue, like great music, soars off the page’, says Laura Schellhardt in ‘Screenwriting for Dummies’. Since 1927, every writer has needed to be able to write good dialogue. Not that it didn’t matter before then. It’s just that afterwards it mattered more as talkies came to the cinema screen with ‘The Jazz Singer’. By […]

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