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Student work: Sheena Murray - The Open College of the Arts
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Student work: Sheena Murray thumb

Student work: Sheena Murray

In this blog post I am delighted to be sharing the work of BA Textiles student Sheena Murray, who recently completed and submitted for assessment Textiles 1: Ideas and Processes. 

I am drawing your attention to the video Sheena made called, ‘Making an Exhibition of Myself’ in which she introduces and tells the story of this body of work. The intention of video was to describe and illustrate her creative practice and outcomes to her assessor. This she does really successfully but I think the video goes further than this in that it sensitively puts Sheena herself at the centre of her creative practice, anchoring the work around who she is and the experiences that have led her to this point. There is a bravery in her textiles and the way she presents that I find really powerful. Further to this, through the means of digital presentation, the textile assessment team and myself have the opportunity to experience an aspect of this students work and personality otherwise hidden though distance learning. I’d suggest that this is a turning point in the way students communicate, and what they communicate to tutors, assessors, college and the wider world.

Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua1DqM5LKts&feature=youtu.be

For more information on Sheena’s practice please visit her Learning Log


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Posted by author: Rebecca Fairley
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6 thoughts on “Student work: Sheena Murray

    • Rebecca thank you so much for your kind words and for wanting to showcase my work. The video was made in one take with no rehearsal, 24 hours before the deadline for digital submission. It was a spontaneous last minute decision to present my work in this way, as I wanted to put it in context and bring all the different elements together. I’m very pleased that you feel I was successful in doing this. I would encourage students currently preparing for assessment to have a go at presenting their work on video. It’s a great opportunity to show your work to tutors and assessors in a way that’s personal to you and helps them understand it better.

  • This is great, Sheena – both your work and the way of presenting. It really takes the viewer inside your work and brings it to life, as close to an exhibition as we can get remotely; but it also places the work in the context of yourself and your personality. Thank you for sharing it.

  • I’m glad you took the spontaneous last minute decision to make a video. It worked really well to give a real insight into your practice. Yes, it would be great to see more students doing the same. Thanks!

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