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Chair………….and a new Blog of the Week thumb

Chair………….and a new Blog of the Week

Usually when we record a slide show for WeAreOCA we get the images and then record the audio. That’s what I asked OCA tutor Clive White to do when he was up for the photography assessment event last week. Clive however had different ideas. ‘I want to talk about one of Helen Rosemier’s images from her last assignment. It’s called ‘Chair’. It was her first assignment for People and Place.’ I was skeptical, but agreed to give a go. Here is the result

I think it works. Not only does it show why Clive thinks this is such a good image, it illustrates how he thinks about student work.
Interestingly we can complete the loop. Helen has blogged her reactions to Clive’s feedback on the assignment in her learning log. It is this week’s blog of the week for precisely that reason. When it comes to assessment, the assessors will easily be able to see her reflection on Clive’s comments. We know learning logs cause concern for students. There really isn’t an ideal learning log, it has to be a tool that works for you. That said including your reflections on tutor comments is definitely good practice.

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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4 thoughts on “Chair………….and a new Blog of the Week

  • Very interested in what Clive had to say about this photo – I totally agree with what he said about the sitter taking control of the photo – it’s all in his facial expression, eyes looking directly at the lens, solid mouth, tilt of the head, and by framing him the way Helen has done gives the viewer the feeling that he is only prepared to give the viewer so much, and no more.

  • What interests me about this image is the basic composition … one would expect to see a front view rather than a back view of the chair! In spite of this and the fact that the sitter is looking almost backwards at the viewer, the sitter manages to take control of the photo!!

  • What a treat to hear Clive in action! Seeing all those thing in one image is what happens when you take the time to really read images over a long period of time. Intertextuality is the word – bringing all the richness of life’s tapestry into our personal interpretations of images (and of life). Something to aspire to.

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