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Views from Ireland – Ann Moriaty thumb

Views from Ireland – Ann Moriaty

Today I have chosen to highlight Ann’s work and submission for assignment 4 of her Watercolour course. In observing her work, we are treated to a visual array of her surrounding, and local, landscape and environment.

Inside Outside Part 1. Watercolour on A3 Paper.

In this work above, Ann has managed to portray a sense of deep space. Simultaneously, the laundry flying in the air brings to mind the work of an artist called Thomas Jones (1742- 1803) who made some paintings that relate to this work and fascinating point of view. The particular painting I am thinking of here is entitled: “A Wall In Naples”, and was made in1782. The fence and hanging laundry in Ann’s piece are strong, in that she has managed to create interesting abstract shapes. All of the works in this series demonstrate a love of her subject matter and an ability to really share with the viewer what she saw. This is no easy feat.
Study of an exterior space. Watercolour on A3 Paper.

Ann clearly worked here from a feeling of passion and interest, and its clear that she love painting and has the ability to capture the “scene” and pick and choose what to say and what to leave out (something every artist thinks about). The work of an artist called Stephen Lack, (a Canadian who lives in the USA now), and the photographs of Jeff Wall come to mind here, because there is a link there, in terms of their subject matter. Although this work here is still, it also encompasses a filmic quality, that is possibly because of its expansive view. In her owns words Ann says: ‘When painting this picture, I became aware of how my skill at mixing was improving, and delighted that the sun was up, I noticed how the sun cast shadows, and how the mountains faded in the sunlight”.
Balance and off Balance Watercolour on A3 Paper.

The work above is a sensitive portrayal of Ann’s landscape. The composition is very good because she has managed to posit the land on one side and balance the composition with the water and its movement on the other. Together with this work, Ann submitted many more sketches and observations that she made, I am treating you here to a sneak preview! Watch this space!

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  • I think these watercolours are very sensitive and cleverly composed. There is areal sense of place which the artist has conveyed to the viewer.

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