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Samantha Saunders

Today I am highlighting the work of Painting 1 student Samantha Saunders assignment 2. I’m inserting Samantha’s own comments about this section of the course and her painting below.

1. Acrylic paint and on paper 18”x24”

Part two – Close to home: Project Drawing and painting interiors/Linear perspective.
“In this painting I have set up this still life on my dresser and included the wedding bowl and mask, I wanted to expand on this and as I have to give a surrounding context to my still life, I thought this would be a good idea. Also as I am thinking about the research I have done on the Dutch genre and Van Gogh , the inspiration is coming from these periods.
I have integrated he Dutch genre influence in the theme of my objects. This painting (above) is about celebration; my wedding bowl, the Venetian mask, the Venice paintings, the scent bottles (one of which belonged to my late nan), and the jeweller box, have all been been picked with a purpose. 
My interest in Van Gogh has influenced the paintings of the bedroom, I love the vibrancy of this work and although its just a bedroom there is so much to look at. I have chosen my favourite piece of furniture that has a high shine, the paintings and the stool to sit my still life objects in. My walls are a french grey, really its green and I have very large warehouse style windows so all the light was streaming in through the shutters, although my windows at the top have a frosting so it’s a muted light, but this gave me lots of shadows and difference in colours on the wall which I found tricky to blend. I wanted to use a limited palette and mix my own greens and browns with the colour wheel I wanted to use very little black and tried to make sure that if I was looking at the dresser the wall colour would be reflected into this”.
Looking closely at Samantha’s work.
Here below (images 2-6) are details of some of the moments in Samantha’s painting that she has mentioned. I am particularly drawn to these passages since they offer us a glimpse into a picture within a picture, or if you like, a world within a world. In image 2 she is showing us that there is more than meets the eye. Her use of the mirror is beautiful (a term I use sparingly), we are treated here to a view back in to and through the window, and to a mixture of pattern, light, and reflection. Images 3 and 4 are renditions of paintings hanging on her wall, and image 5 is a detailed portrayal of some of the items she describes. I also wanted to point out that there are moments of pure abstraction as illustrated in detail 6. (an artist who comes to mind here is Arthur Dove).





When I view image 7 (below), the work of Edward Hopper comes to mind, largely because of her dynamic use of space. I look forward to seeing how these works develop in terms of their scale, support, surfaces, and types of paint. In the meantime, Watch this space!

7. Interior painting acrylic on paper 18” x24”
7. Interior painting acrylic on paper 18” x24”

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