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Figuratively speaking: an exploration of the human form thumb

Figuratively speaking: an exploration of the human form

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to have a trip to California and visited a number of art galleries exploring the art scene and cultural life in that part of America.  First gallery on my hit list was the Fine Art Gallery in the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas (where they filmed Oceans 12 with George Clooney and Brad Pitt). This engaging exhibition was a group show featured more than 40 paintings, photographs, sculpture and video installations by 29 artists. Works by Renoir, Picasso, Barbara Kruger and  Bill Viola to name just a few exploring the human form.  An interesting mix of artists spanning two centuries going through different states of being and representation giving the viewer the opportunity to see traditional and contemporary works on figurative art. These works helped to define the genre in the late 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries. Historical perspectives on mediums used by the various artists and a point in time in which to check out where we have come from, and, perhaps think about where me may be going in terms of subject matter and how we depict it? This fine art gallery is located in a very large hotel in Las Vegas where life is seen to be in a different sphere altogether and where Las Vegas works on different levels. From the downright tackiness to an almost tasteful disguise showing works of art in such a location brings home the relevance of how much art is needed in our everyday life. To bring a sense of beauty to a world where people and illusions collide.

Images to research: The Sweeper, Renior, Women with Beret, Picasso, Your Body is a Battleground, Barbara Kruger, Still from The Crossing, Bill Viola

Posted by author: Rhonda
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4 thoughts on “Figuratively speaking: an exploration of the human form

  • my inspiration is drawn from my experiences as an arist and making work, studying art, reading lots of different books about artists / art movements and visiting as many exhibitions as possible. Also working in collaboration with other artists, and from life in general.

  • I stayed at Bellagio a few years ago. I loved it, in a curious kind of way. The gallery was showing their Monet collection at the time, while in the conservatory Dale Chilhooly’s glass flowers grew alongside real ones and Cirque de Soleil’s ‘O’ in their specially-made theatre was breathtaking. You can have afternoon tea in the casino area (dreadful tea but worth doing for the bizarreness of it all). And then the fountains, which I watched from my room windows while listening to piped classical music. I found the whole experience surreal.

  • Thanks for this post, Rhonda – I’m fascinated by the Bill Viola thumbnails and plan to look into these if I can find a reference or two. And thanks for adding your account of Bellagio, Eileen. The two posts complement one another very well!

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