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Do Paintings Talk?

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OCA Tutor Michelle Charles, will be hosting a museum visit to the Tate Modern in London on February 7th from 12-2pm.
During this very special study session you will be introduced to some of the artists whose works are on display in the permanent collection whom Michelle personally knew. These artists include; Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, and Roy Lichenstein. She will share some of the stories and conversations that she had with them in New York about the development of their work, and how they lived their lives as artists. Her presentation will also encompass the notion of how paintings and drawings are transformed, when they are viewed in a museum and gallery setting.

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We will also look at the work of many other artists including; Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Andy Warhol. You will also be presented with information about where and how the work was made. This is of particular relevance since all of you are making your work in various settings, and it might be useful to consider how and where artists set up their studios and organise their materials to make their work, and how this work then gets shown.
Please bring a notebook to take notes, and sketch books with pencils and pens. You may like to make a few study sketches during our visit. We will finish our day with a cup of tea in one of the Tate’s cafes.
To book your place please email

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*Please note there is a second session of this visit on the 21 February


1. Roy Lichtenstein in his Long Island studio.
2. Leon Golub working in his NY studio.
3. Nancy Spero working in her NY studio.
4. Roy Lichtenstein in the process of making a painting.

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