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News from the OCA: A new degree and a new role thumb

News from the OCA: A new degree and a new role

Back in June we set out our plans for new courses for this academic year. Now following discussion with our Trustees and the Course Leader for Creative Writing Jane Rogers we have decided to seek validation for a named degree in Creative Writing. To do this we need to develop a third level one writing course, which will be called ‘Narrative and Dialogue’ . It is too early to give many details on the course, we need to agree the course specification (module descriptor) with Bucks New University first, but the clues to the content are there in the title.
We aim to have the Creative Writing Degree validated this academic year. Together with the Textiles degree which we have previously announced, this will make five undergraduate degrees available to study through the OCA.
BA(Hons) Creative Arts
BA (Hons) Creative Writing
BA(Hons) Painting
BA(Hons) Photography
Ba(Hons) Textiles
And since many more students are now choosing to study with the OCA for a degree, we have taken the decision to increase the level of support we provide to students and tutors. The job description for a Head of Learner Support is on our main website
Exciting times!

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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12 thoughts on “News from the OCA: A new degree and a new role

  • In the news again today, there seems to be no ceiling on the increasing cost of ‘bricks and mortar’ university courses. All this effort and good work I’m sure will position OCA very favourably. A suite of good value, home-based degree courses I imagine will be ‘heaven-sent’ for many! All the best.

  • Could your please clarify where this will leave me? I have successfully completed Starting to Write and Poetry at Level One and am currently part way through and not enjoying Lifelines. Does this mean I will not be eligible for the Creative Writing degree?

  • The creative writing degree is good news. However how will this apply to those of us about to embark on level 3 having completed 5 units already?
    Anyone know how this will work???

  • I’m delighted to hear that the OCA are finally going to offer a Creative Writing Degree. This is such an important area of artistic creation and increasingly poplular; more and more, people love to write for themselves, despite the lure of ever-invasive television, DVDs and the Internet.
    The OCA offers the possiblility of a degree to mature students who have no formal qualifications, so long as they can step up to the mark. It is also invaluable for students who cannot take the pressure of regulated coursework and exams, and those who are unable to easily get out of their living spaces.
    I can see that questions are already being posed by students on the Creative Writing Courses, and I do suggest they simply phone the Freephone number and speak with the OCA staff, who will want to find flexible answers to all the possible problems.

  • The details of transition arrangements for existing students will be worked out as part of the validation process. We can’t be specific at this point, but when the BA(Hons) Photography was validated it was possible for students on the BA(Hons) Creative Arts pathway to transfer. We expect similar arrangements would exist for Creative Writing. As soon as we know, we will provide an update.

  • When will the BA Creative Writing be available for study? I am on the verge of applying to study writing subjects but obviously will hold off until I know that Creative Writing has been formalised.

  • The validation meeting is set for the middle of January, so a formal announcement will be quite early in 2011. Sorry I can’t give an exact date as it is down to our accrediting university.

  • The validation meeting took place last Friday, there is some work to do on the documentation and we should be making an announcement in February. In the meantime, anyone who enrols on writing skills from this week onwards will be entitled to a full refund in the extremely unlikely event that the degree is not validated. So there is no reason to delay starting studying. Any questions please ring the office (0800 731 2116)

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