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Leanne Putt

Learning logs – Changing the way you work thumb

Learning logs – Changing the way you work

Following on from Julia’s recent post I thought I would write a post about my own experience as an OCA student and my struggles with keeping a learning log.

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Ahhh Vienna thumb

Ahhh Vienna

On a recent trip to Vienna I had the opportunity to see what I thought was the best selection of artwork I’d ever seen. Not only was I blown away by the artwork, I thought the city was also very beautiful.

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Reinvent ideas thumb

Reinvent ideas

OCA’s graphic designer Leanne gets steamed up…

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The adrenaline junkie thumb

The adrenaline junkie

Peter Lanyon is a British landscape artist I have always admired, but unfortunately his life was cut short in1964 after a gliding accident.

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Disrupted by… thumb

Disrupted by…

On the 19 November I attended a day of lectures at Sheffield Hallam University. They are held every year and guest speakers talk about their art practice and every year the lectures address different problems. This year they were called Disrupted by…

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Embarking on an old journey thumb

Embarking on an old journey

Over the last couple of years since I graduated, I feel like I have lost my artistic voice. After 16 years of studying I needed a break, but now I am craving to paint again.

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Angel causes Anger thumb

Angel causes Anger

Early last week leading supermarket chain Morrisons were forced to apologise as it created uproar for using the giant wings of the Angel of the North as a free billboard to advertise the price cut of a French baguette.

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Interview with Laurie Toby Edison thumb

Interview with Laurie Toby Edison

Laurie has been kind enough to answer a few questions for me about her life as a photographer and the processes she goes through when creating her work.

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The work of Nicholas Hebert thumb

The work of Nicholas Hebert

I have just discovered the work of artist Nicholas Herbert and thought I would share it with you. The painterly finish Herbert achieves with the range of drawing mixed media creates real depth to his series of drawings titled Chiltern Hills. Herbert only uses a very limited colour palette; the limitation of colours within the […]

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