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In conversation with: Áine Byrne thumb

In conversation with: Áine Byrne

Áine Katrina Byrne is a Textile Artist and Designer originally from Ireland and now based in London. After Completing her MA at the RCA, Áine spent time working as a designer in India, before returning to London to continue her work within the field of textile design. Áine woven designs both digitally and by hand for the fashion industry, supplying high end clients and the high street. Áine is based in Hackney Wick Space studio and works as a lecturer at CSVPA.

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I’m sure I recognise them; aren’t they off the telly? thumb

I’m sure I recognise them; aren’t they off the telly?

The tutors you will work with across your studies are not just experienced tutors at HE level. All the Open College of the Arts tutors are practising artists, photographers, designers, writers or composers, with an understanding of the difficulties of distance learning – some of our tutors studied with the OCA themselves!

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What is your tutor up to? Chapter 23: Diana Ali thumb

What is your tutor up to? Chapter 23: Diana Ali

OCA tutor, Curator and Visual Artist, Diana Ali in collaboration with Santa Ana College Art Gallery and Director, Phil Marquez, is pleased to present the exhibition ‘Loss & Lucidity’ an exhibition of contemporary artwork investigating the misplaced, the missed and the mended.

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Textiles without textiles thumb

Textiles without textiles

Art students often label themselves according to the name of the course that they are studying; They become a ‘fine artist’, ‘photographer’ or ‘textile designer’. That’s okay but we are all adaptable creative thinkers and labels can be restrictive. I encourage students to look at other disciplines to inspire their own; to mix craft skill with wild ideas and to challenge processes by applying mindsets from other creative genres.

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In conversation with: Sarah Kaye Rodden thumb

In conversation with: Sarah Kaye Rodden

Sarah’s response to materials: wood, metal, cardboard, is intuitive and honest. Pieces are made by hand, instinctively responding to the tactile qualities and structure of the materials creating forms that please her. Choosing not to add texture, embellishment or decoration the surfaces are left in their simple state.

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Personal work thumb

Personal work

It would be fantastic if we could make a living taking only the photographs we wanted, expressing our vision through our own personal work, just like the artists that we look upon for inspiration. Unfortunately, the majority of us still have bills to pay.

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A Letter from Venice – Part Two: Phyllida Barlow's 'Folly' thumb

A Letter from Venice – Part Two: Phyllida Barlow's 'Folly'

Phyllida Barlow’s work has been seen throughout the UK recently — at the Hepworth as part of the inaugural sculpture prize, and filling Tate Britain’s Duveen Gallery and Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket. Her work is on show until late November in the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Much of the work on display in Venice speaks of migration, ethnicity, and post-colonialism — I’ll cover this in other posts — but Barlow has produced a work that is concerned with traditional sculptural concerns: space, weight, scale, and so on.

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Looking at artists: Willemien de Villiers thumb

Looking at artists: Willemien de Villiers

I have recently discovered South African textile artist Willemien de Villiers. Her stitched work caught my attention because of the stories that she tries to tell through the materials she uses and the techniques to talk about the process of decay and disintegration, as well as the inevitable new growth and integration that follows.

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