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Portfolio review workshop for Painting students

This is a post from the weareoca.com archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.
Here’s a new venture to get involved in. OCA is offering the opportunity for a small group of students to receive hands on feedback on their portfolio in a studio environment. The first event will be on 26th January 2013 in Bath at 44AD at 7-9 Lower Borough Walls, Bath. 44AD is a contemporary art space located in central Bath. It is an artist led gallery with studio spaces, and was created to support the work of emerging artists and to encourage public engagement with new forms of visual art.

OCA Painting Course Leader Linda Khatir and OCA tutor tutor Michele Whiting will be leading this workshop. What will happen on the day: In the morning on arrival we will all introduce ourselves and the session will begin with informal group critiques (for those who wish to share and talk about their own, and other students’ work). These sessions will be tutor-led but please come prepared to contribute with questions and ideas. Each discussion will last 10 to 15 minutes per set of images (those who do not wish to present their work for group critique can still join in). The group crits will take up most of the morning, and we will then have a break for lunch (bring your own or buy from cafes and shops nearby).
The afternoon is set aside for individual tutorial sessions, where you will sit quietly with either Linda or Michele going through a selection of your work to date. During these concentrated sessions you should be prepared to discuss any ideas, difficulties etc. that may have arisen during your course. In order to take full advantage of the tutorial, you should be selective in what you bring, ensuring you include pieces that you want to discuss, or that need further work or clarification. There is no point in bringing only your best pieces. During the conversation you should accept constructive criticism in the spirit it is offered, and on returning home, act on any advice given. This should be seen as supplementary to the regular feedback on assignments you receive from your personal OCA tutor. The aim of the session is for you to leave with better understanding of how to improve your practice, which in turn will help you continue your studies with confidence.
Prior to the event we will send you further information by email on what to send/prepare/expect. Please note that the timing and duration of each session will depend on numbers enrolling so please ensure you book early and plan to arrive for a 9am start. The day is scheduled to finish at 4pm, however if your tutorial slot is early in the afternoon you may leave before 4pm, but we encourage students to engage in conversation, swop contact details and build supportive relationships that might be continued via the OCA site, allowing other OCA students to share some of your experiences.
It is suitable for students enrolled on the Painting degree pathway (all levels but especially useful for those in the later stages of study and/or preparing for formal assessment. You are only eligible to enrol if you are on your third level one course, level 2 or 3). The session will involve close scrutiny and private 1:1 discussion of each student’s portfolio. Prior to the event we will tell students what to send/prepare/expect (by email). In this way we will be able to offer informed opinion and advice within a concentrated tutorial that enables the student to ask questions and resolve issues that may have arisen during their studies.
44AD is located on the flat and close to train and bus stations. There is a small park and café on the doorstep and constantly changing exhibitions by contemporary artists in the gallery space. Nearby students can visit larger public galleries; Victoria Art gallery and the Holbourne museum. Also within walking distance are the Abbey and the Roman Baths. Further up the hill they will find (amongst others) the Museum of Fashion and the Museum of East Asian Art.
At 44AD there is capacity for 10 students.
If you live in the South West, this may be a great opportunity for you to meet tutors and other students. There is a fee of £50 per student to participate and a maximum of 10 places. Please email enquiries@oca-uk.com to book your place.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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8 thoughts on “Portfolio review workshop for Painting students

  • This is an excellent idea… many of the ‘big’ London named colleges do this (open to all) and its great to see our students being able to do it through the OCA!

  • This is a great idea. I can see it being useful on so many levels. It would be good to expand this to other venues. I know that Scottish students are crying out fot it.

  • Hello to all who were at the portfolio review day!
    Thank you so much to Linda and Michele and those at OCA for organising this day!
    I can honestly say it was well worth the investment of time and money to attend this day with course tutors Linda and Michele and the other 5 students there. I have made some new friends, learned loads and come home inspired and really enjoying digging into the course again!
    My work has already started to take a new direction and I very much appreciate viewing work through the eyes of the tutors in a face-to-face setting and through the eyes of my peers. Seeing work of students on the same course as me and discussing the highs and lows with them has been invaluable. There is nothing quite like meeting folk in person to establish connections.
    44AD was extremely kind to host us for the day and provided an excellent opportunity to connect with contemporary art in a contemporary setting.
    Happy to say more but don’t want to go on too much (I know I can 🙂 )
    If another day comes up, it’s definitely worth the cost and I’d highly recommend it!
    Thanks again!

    • thanks Alli, yes it was a great day. We’ve put a blog up now so hopefully you can all carry on the discussion. good luck with your studies

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