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Amarjeet Nandhra

OCA tutor and assessor Sandra Flower looks at the work of ‘Textiles 3’ student Amarjeet Nandhra. Amarjeet has investigated the concept of incidental marks in her body of work, using research in the broadest possible sense to develop her ideas.

Posted by author: Mark Lomas
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3 thoughts on “Amarjeet Nandhra

  • Really great work, thanks for sharing. What I really appreciate is the huge body of development work which has created a really layered process which shows in the work.

  • Lovely portfolio of work, thank you for sharing, Having just completed Distortion of Surface I have become so aware of the effect of time and elements on surfaces. I particularly love the rust layering and markings.

  • Amarjeet’s process of discovering as well as creating incidental marks opens up many possibilities. It allows the artist to create an illusion of time and chance, to recreate what happens naturally. I have been looking at different grounds and how they influence the layers above them. This work by Amarjeet encourages me to experiment with incidental marks within the lower layers of my paintings.

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