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In conversation with: Piers Tattersall thumb

In conversation with: Piers Tattersall

Piers is, along with pianist Christopher Guild, a founding member of The Edison Ensemble and is currently a PhD student at the university of Brunel studying with Professor Peter Wiegold. Much of his recent music utilises the radio.

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Visiting an illustrator thumb

Visiting an illustrator

If you could meet your favourite creative practitioner, what would you ask them? Work-related learning, such as visits to studios, conversations with practitioners, or more involved relationships through live projects and placements, all offer direct ways to help inform your knowledge and understanding of your discipline.

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In conversation with: Angela Fraleigh thumb

In conversation with: Angela Fraleigh

My work is about how meaning gets made. I’m interested in how narratives become dominant, how power structures evolve, and what roles pop culture, literature, and art history play into this. From early on I’ve collapsed what I see out there with what I’ve created internally — an overlapping of cultural and personal narratives. I try to question how those cultural narratives are structured and unfolded, and how they shape our experiences.

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Beyond the student work thumb

Beyond the student work

One of the things that has been concerning me recently is that, while we have showcased some fantastic student work over the last year, we possibly haven’t conveyed enough about who are the students are behind the work. So it was with alacrity that Mark and I seized the opportunity to interview Esther Rose, who […]

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Jacqueline Wilson talks about her career thumb

Jacqueline Wilson talks about her career

As promised a few weeks ago here is another excerpt from the Jacqueline Wilson interview I filmed along with Livi Michael. Here Jacqueline talks about her career from writing in exercise books as a young girl through her Tracey Beaker success and beyond. By her own count she has now written almost 100 books!

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