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I'm a fan thumb

I'm a fan

You might be a football supporter, love Elvis’s music, read comics, enjoy charity shop purchases or simply be an ardent fan of a local band. Whatever your interests, someone, somewhere will have made a fanzine about it. You may have not come across many fanzines as they tend not to make it onto the bookshelves […]

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World book night thumb

World book night

In case you’ve missed all the press coverage on this event, here’s the premise in brief: 1,000,000 books are to be given away by 20,000 book lovers on Saturday 5th March. 35 books have been chosen, from which you can choose the book you would like to give away to friends, colleagues, reluctant readers etc. […]

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Jacqueline Wilson talks about her career thumb

Jacqueline Wilson talks about her career

As promised a few weeks ago here is another excerpt from the Jacqueline Wilson interview I filmed along with Livi Michael. Here Jacqueline talks about her career from writing in exercise books as a young girl through her Tracey Beaker success and beyond. By her own count she has now written almost 100 books!

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