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Ken Garland: Structure and Substance

Ken Garland, 1962

This study visit will look at the pioneering work of graphic designer and writer, Ken Garland. Now in his 80s, Garland’s ideas are as pertinent now as when he wrote the collective First Things First manifesto in 1964. In calling for a rethinking of the role of graphic design to do more than package and sell cat food and fizzy water, he challenged a generation of students, designers and educators to use their visual skills for the benefit of society.
In 2000 the manifesto was revisited by a new generation of designers and again in 2014. Each time the products have changed and so to the technology, but the basic principle of seeking more worthy communications problems to solve remains the same.
His writing has always accompanied his design work and this show brings these two practices together and encourages the viewer to see the common themes and issues. It is an ideal study visit for students on Graphic Design, Visual Communication, or Creative Arts Today courses or other students interested in finding meaningful and socially beneficial contexts for their work.
Ken Garland: Structure and Substance runs from 3 October 2014 to 9 November 2014 at Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery. A study visit is planned for Saturday 1 November with tutor Christian Lloyd. The gallery is located within Sheffield Hallam University’s Cantor Building: http://www.shu.ac.uk/sia/gallery/visit/find-us.htm
The exhibition is based on two books, Ken Garland: Structure and Substance (Unit Editions, 2012) and Ken Garland: A Word in your Eye (University of Reading, 1996). In preparation for the study visit you may want to look at the First Things First manifestos and the debates surrounding them, such as Rick Poyner’s First Things First Revisited in Émigré 51 (1999) or Ken Garland’s essay Last things last in Eye Magazine (2012).
1964 Manifesto http://kengarland.co.uk/KG-published-writing/first-things-first/
2000 Manifesto http://www.eyemagazine.com/feature/article/first-things-first-manifesto-2000
2014 Manifesto http://firstthingsfirst2014.org/
Join Christian on the 1 November at 11.30am to view and discuss the work. Places on this visit are free. For more information and to book your place contact enquiries@oca-uk.com

Posted by author: Christian Lloyd
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