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Laura Strong

Laura’s work is a response to psychogeography, her interests lie in identity and the relationships between people and place. There is a subtle narrative to her work. Emma explores..


Posted by author: Mark Lomas
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6 thoughts on “Laura Strong

  • I was interested to see how Laura has presented her work in this concertina format rather than on large canvas. For me that fits so well with psychogeography and the intimacy that can occur in the relationship between people and place. Lovely work Laura and thank you for sharing this Emma.

  • Beautifully put, Emma. I was lucky to have first hand experience of Laura’s progress and agree that her work matured and became more focused as she progressed through the course. What started as more general became more specific and I believe that gives the work strength. These are images of the actual streets Laura knows, the actual doorways she may have touched and the actual bridges she peered down from. Just because she grounded them in reality doesn’t mean she couldn’t also put her imagination into them. Imagination can work in subtle ways. It can be in how you mix colours, spread the paint, omit things, crop, rearrange and, by doing so, give room for expression of subtle emotions. It’s lovely to see them again.

  • Thanks for this Emma and thanks to Laura for such thought provoking work. I’ve listened to the video several times now and really trying to see the relationship which you emphasise, Emma, between the work and the contextual influence. You make a very strong point about the importance of the contextual study in the outcomes of the practical work…love to learn more about this. Any pointers to further reading or research??

  • I thought Laura’s work was very thoughtful and the concept of relationships between people and place is one which she conveyed very well.The concertina book was a very original piece, and her work is quite inspiring

  • Very well done, Laura. Knowing you have won through with such success is an inspiration to me – I’ve struggled to find my feet in Painting 3 but, the next time I feel like throwing in the towel, I shall think of this beautiful work and keep going.
    Thank you for this vision.

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