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Jamie Stratton



Jamie Stratton All above works – russet sepia and black chalk in A3 Sketchbook January 2015
Today I am highlighting the work of Drawing 1 student Jamie Stratton.
I thought I would start by outlining a little of her background: This is Ms. Stratton’s first OCA course (and the first drawing program she has ever enrolled on). Before retiring, she was a professional musician for twenty years. Following this she went on to become a Goldsmith, designing and manufacturing her own jewelry. Her most recent profession before she began her training to be an artist was as a dispensing optician.
Regarding the drawings that were submitted as above, I am inserting this student’s own comments about her process; “I really enjoyed this exercise, I found the challenge of trying to show approximate age in the studies very rewarding. I love the intricacies of the older eye, with its darker shadows and heavier lines, the looseness of the skin and that “lived in” appearance. The baby’s eye was the quickest to describe, as there are no character creases or lines to show age. So for me, I enjoyed the challenge of the older eyes more”. Her choice of compositional formats, and the range of facial features have been composed with an intimacy and personal approach that is unique. Below is a drawing made at the Wrexham shopping centre in situ. I am impressed by the versatility of her approach to looking at the figure.


December 2015 Jamie Stratton -Shopping in Wrexham – Brush and ink on paper 11”x14” 


January 2015 Jamie Stratton Figure studies: Right: “Pensive Smoker” left “Anne knits again” – both works pencil on paper 15”×11”
These two drawings above are interesting in that they depict women in two contrasting roles, one is knitting and one is smoking. The work of artist Alice Neel comes to mind here. I’m struck by the attention to passing time that both of these works indicate.

jamie 2

 Jamie Stratton Detail “Pensive Smoker”.


December 2015 Jamie Stratton  “Bowls Player” Charcoal on  A2 paper 
Compositionally this drawing above is expansive and what I mean here is that there is space around the figure that allows the composition to go beyond the border of the page. Ms. Stratton says: “I enjoyed drawing on this A2 size paper as I could use my whole arm to make long strokes and marks, which helped me describe movement and a bit of energy, even though my model was in a still pose. I think it is better to stand, with paper on an easel rather than sit down and sketch this subject, as the energy of the drawer is also reflected in the finished image”. Part of the success of this drawing, is that one has the feeling that the ball is being thrown out of the picture plane right at you.

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