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Blog of the week: Diana Hudson - The Open College of the Arts

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Blog of the week: Diana Hudson thumb

Blog of the week: Diana Hudson

Blog of the week this month is Diana Hudson’s OCA Blog. This caught the attention because of its focus on documenting process, the frequent use of the question ‘what have you achieved? and the evidence of research informing her work. The ‘what have you achieved?’ or ‘what have I achieved?’ is a great reflective question, forcing you to stand back and, well, reflect. The University of the Arts London has an interesting web resource on reflective writing which students might find useful.

Posted by author: Jane Parry

4 thoughts on “Blog of the week: Diana Hudson

  • I love the post-modern irony wrapped up in the opening phrase: “Blog of the week this month is…”
    A very good level of analysis in this really good blog; the next stage is to start by asking “why” before “how” so that “how” becomes the way of expressing “why”.

  • Wow what a wonderful surprise to find on my return from holiday. I have found this course very challenging because by nature I am a very detail representational artist so analysing my work has been quite easy. If anything I am too critical because I am using new media and still very much at the learning stage with it. David’s detailed comments have been so useful. I’ve come home with lots of photos and sketches from Scotland which are just screaming watercolour at me; a call I simply can’t resist so OCA may be taking a back seat for a couple of weeks LOL. In response to Peter, these recent sketches have easily answered why and they themselves say how. When Inspiration strikes the questions answer themselves. I hope to be able to do that more with my course work. Such is the difference between unsearched for inspiration and being told what you must paint. In the latter it is much more difficult to ask why and when you are still learning how to use a medium the how is even more difficult.

  • Alas, I did try to look at your blogspot, Diana, but was unsuccessful. For for some reason best known to the Ethiopian Telecoms Internet service provider, all blogspots are blocked. Very frustrating. Anyway, I just wanted you to be aware that not everyone can see your blogspot. I don’t suppose you’ll lose any sleep over that fact though. Keep up the good work.

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