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Anna Weber

OCA tutor and assessor Doug Burton looks at the work of Sculpture Level 1 student Anna Weber.
Doug wanted to show how Anna has approached the Sculpture course as a whole to produce a varied body of work with a theme that runs throughout. Anna’s assessment submission is of an excellent and open quality that demonstrates her ability to deal with various materials and techniques, with a view to further development after the course.
Mark Lomas. OCA Photographer

Posted by author: Mark Lomas
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2 thoughts on “Anna Weber

  • Great narrative by Doug about Anna’s excellent sculpture and processes before making them. Really enjoyed this. Well done.

  • What a fascinating insight into a Level 1 student course on Sculpture. I’m studying Mixed Media for Textiles and although I have been looking at contemporary artists work and visiting exhibitions, it is good to understand the process from a students perspective. Thank you Anna Weber for your inspiration and to Doug for pointing the way. I suppose one way to see student work is to go to graduate exhbitions (but this might be impossible for us students who live abroad).

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