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Student log of the week

This is a post from the weareoca.com archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.
Here are some pages from the exemplary learning log of OCA watercolour student Margaret O’Brien. We don’t normally highlight student’s learning logs (as opposed to blogs) since they are more difficult to convey in digital form, but the quality of reflection and the thoroughness of this student’s approach is definitely worth highlighting. On the other hand, please don’t be put off! This student may indeed have worked too hard to the detriment of moving on at a pace! What is clear though, is the enjoyment and hard work that has gone into her learning log, and it stands out for presentation as well as content. Well done Margaret!
Margaret says of her work: ‘This log has become a very important part of my development and I will keep it to re-read it as a reminder of where I am on my journey, where I have come from, the pain and joy (in equal portions) of the journey. My learning log has become my anchor for this course For me the log is a vital element of learning (doing, reviewing, assimilating and moving forward).’
Thanks for Margaret’s tutor Doris Rohr for bringing this student to our attention. Please note that you can click on the images to make them bigger, and legible.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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6 thoughts on “Student log of the week

  • I find other people’s log books/sketchbooks and process fascinating and always learn something new from them. I admire your thoroughness and skill, Margaret. The joy is more evident than the pain! Well done.

  • Congratulations Margaret on a very comprehensive log. It is interesting to see another watercolour student’s approach to the course.

  • This is a good example of a student really making the log work for herself. I think it is easy to forget this amidst all the pressures and requirements of assignments and assessments.

  • I have been so inspired by your learning log. I am just starting on my first assignment and this has really encouraged me to work at it.Thank you Margaret.

  • This is fab Margaret, so beautifully and clearly presented which is going to make it much easier for your tutor and also a beautiful thing to keep once the course is over. I am at the same stage in this course and enjoyed the bottles exercise too. Best of luck with the rest of Watercolour and further courses which I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly too.

  • Like everyone else, I’ve really appreciated seeing these logbook pages. I’d like to know more about what format Margaret’s using. This looks like a computer-produced document – text plus images – but there’s a lot on each page. So, what size is the page – A4 or A3?

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