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A Transport of Delight thumb

A Transport of Delight

Frank Pick, Harry Beck and Edward Johnston are names to conjure with, their efforts held in high regard by Graphic Designers and Illustrators. Their work can be found in the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden which celebrates the technology of transport and all it’s design aspects: from architecture and corporate identity to promotions and […]

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Close encounter thumb

Close encounter

Reykholt, Geysir, Gullfos, Arnastap, Bru, Stykkishōlnur, Spákonufell, Smirlabjargarvirlgun In 2009, OCA tutors Liz Cashdan (creative writing) and Pat Hodson (textiles) spent the month of August on a NES residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland.  Now, a new book of poems and images, ‘Iceland Stories’, which includes a sequence by sound artist Jessica Rowland, is to be published, inspired by […]

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Blog of the Week: Dagne Zvinklyte thumb

Blog of the Week: Dagne Zvinklyte

Blogs slowly develop over time, post by post, so it takes a while to see them developing into an interconnected body of work, reflections, and links that narrate a student’s learning journey.  So its great when you come across a blog that has been slowly maturing over time. Tutor Raymond Tomin has shared one such […]

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Diving in thumb

Diving in

OCA tutor Roger Grech reports on being thrown in at the deep end,  starting his OCA career with a study visit at a bindery. ‘I needn’t have worried, however, as the warm welcome and hospitality at Conway’s of Halifax far out weighed any possible nervous bumbling from me.  On arrival to one of the last remaining […]

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Stepping Down thumb

Stepping Down

  I’m stepping down from my role as OCASA President a little earlier than originally intended and there will be a process, beginning shortly, designed to have a new President in place by 1st February 2013.  My two year term would have been due to end on 31st May. My reasons fall, broadly, into two […]

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Meeting Brian Grimwood thumb

Meeting Brian Grimwood

  It’s always interesting, on study visits, to meet up with students you’ve corresponded with online but haven’t met face-to-face, as well as meeting new students from other courses. Rarely however, do you also get to meet the artist whose exhibition you’ve come to see. Brian Grimwood held court at the Work Gallery in London […]

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Study Visit to Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire and Seminar thumb

Study Visit to Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire and Seminar

  On Friday 7th December there will be a study visit to Lacock Abbey, the museum, current exhibition The Theatre of Insects by Jo Whaley, followed by a seminar in the afternoon. Lacock Abbey was the home of William Henry Fox Talbot, and was where he developed the Calotype contact-printing process in the 1830s, which is […]

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Study Visit to Conways of Halifax: Bookbinders thumb

Study Visit to Conways of Halifax: Bookbinders

Coinciding with the launch of OCA’s new Book Design 1 course a study visit has been organised to Conways of Halifax bookbinding workshop on Saturday 10 November. The visit will be led by bookbinder and printmaker Roger Grech and will include a tour of the facilities by workshop owner, Stephen Conway, and a hands-on bookbinding […]

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Jane Parry in a capital city thumb

Jane Parry in a capital city

As a nation, Wales is a small country with a rich heritage. Here in the north we tend to go to Liverpool or London for our visual arts ‘fix’ – both of these cities being faster to access by rail than our capital, Cardiff. The long and convoluted train journey to Cardiff tends to create […]

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Study Visit to see graphic designer Tony Arefin in Birmingham thumb

Study Visit to see graphic designer Tony Arefin in Birmingham

The next visual communications study visit looks at the work of graphic designer Tony Arefin (1962-2000) on Saturday 3 November. Arefin & Arefin: The graphic design of Tony Arefin (12 September – 4 November 2012) at The IKON gallery in Birmingham, charts his rise to prominence in the 1980s when Arefin worked with contemporary artists and […]

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