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Stepping Down

I’m stepping down from my role as OCASA President a little earlier than originally intended and there will be a process, beginning shortly, designed to have a new President in place by 1st February 2013.  My two year term would have been due to end on 31st May.
My reasons fall, broadly, into two categories:

  • Firstly, I genuinely believe that this is the right moment for OCASA to have someone new in the role; someone who can bring fresh ideas, fresh energy, and a strong sense of direction for the future.  OCASA only really came into existence just over a year ago but, with the support of the OCASA Committee and the OCA Executive, Staff and Trustees, we’ve been able to establish procedures, structures, and a strong partnership, whereby the student voice is heard, and is influential, in all areas of the OCA. Now is the right time for someone new to take the lead in ensuring that this works effectively and delivers continuing improvement in the student experience.
  • At a personal level, I have devoted quite a bit of my time to getting OCASA up and running – willingly and often enjoyably, I must add.  I’m not sure that I can, or should, continue to do so for much longer and, in all honesty, don’t feel the sense of personal energy and motivation that is needed to move things forward.

There will, as I said, be a process, starting next week, to elect a new President. Keep an eye out for an announcement, here on WeAreOCA, seeking nominations for the role.  I will be preparing some documents to go with it, explaining more about what the role entails, and I will be more than happy to discuss it with anyone who wants to contact me on .
Stan Dickinson

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10 thoughts on “Stepping Down

  • Echoing that of above Stan. You’ve put an amazing amount of work in to OCASA getting things up and running, and it was a pleasure working with you during my term on the committee. I hope that someone in the OCA student community has the driven and determination to pick up where you left off. All the best.

  • I’ll add my vote of thanks too Stan. I think the OCA in general has developed tremendously in the last year-18 months and OCASA has been a vital part of that.

  • Thanks for the ‘thanks’, everyone; the election announcement should be on here later today or some time tomorrow. It has been a sizeable job getting things up and running, but I think we’ve got it to a point where it is certainly manageable – and there is great potential to make an impact, in close partnership with OCA, on everyone’s experience of studying with the college. It would be good to have a few people putting themselves forward for the role – so, please, think about it seriously and, if you have any questions, get in touch.

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