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The question of development thumb

The question of development

The OCA course material and the assessment criteria ask and are looking for developed student work. But what does this mean? Frequently in student feedback I am drawing students attention to the concept of development. As a textiles tutor I find that often students mistake development for planning or design. So in this blog post […]

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To cite, or not to cite… thumb

To cite, or not to cite…

That is the question…. of plagiarism!
One of the issues that crops up repeatedly around assessment time is referencing academic writing. What do I reference? How do I reference? How do I know if it needs referencing? – all these are perfectly valid questions and frequent concerns.

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Getting the most out of your learning log thumb

Getting the most out of your learning log

One of the key components in developing your learning log or blog is visual analysis – looking at, selecting and recording the artists/photographers who you find interesting, challenging or useful in progressing your work. The more you document and reflect upon those creative practitioners who have had a ‘marmite effect’ on you, the more you will improve both your critical thinking and creative skills.

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Compare and contrast thumb

Compare and contrast

In the responses to the post I wrote about in praise of permanent collections it became clear that writing about art is sometimes an issue for students, especially if confronted with complex or difficult works. A better technique is to move towards a consideration of two works rather than one. By looking for similarity and difference between two works, each can reveal something of the other.

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How to use your Tutor Reports thumb

How to use your Tutor Reports

Rebecca wrote this blog post in response conversations with Textile Assessors at the last assessment event where it was highlighted that students didn’t often make use of the advice in their tutor reports.

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What Should My Sketchbook Contain? thumb

What Should My Sketchbook Contain?

Several of my OCA students have asked me what should be in their sketchbook and so this blog post is a summary of my personal views on student sketchbooks. Please feel free to leave feedback and turn this into a live debate!

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Your very first assignment – what to send to your tutor thumb

Your very first assignment – what to send to your tutor

I have had two queries recently from Drawing 1 students asking what and how much to send me as their tutor. There are rarely yes / no answers in Higher Education. A question is almost always answered by another set of questions, or seen as a way to frame further enquiry.

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Photo Books thumb

Photo Books

What common mistakes do you think photographers, students and designers make? What are your favourite photo books and what makes them effective book projects?

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So what is Research? thumb

So what is Research?

In a nutshell research is
Look. Think. Write.
Look. Think. Draw.
Think about your thinking.

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Degree or not Degree – that is the question thumb

Degree or not Degree – that is the question

OCA tutors are required to adhere to an agreed process for ensuring that they provide essential parity at key points in a students journey. One aspect of this is the pre written statement which gives the student an indicator of how things are progressing with regards to development towards an assessed outcome.

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