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Context…what is it? thumb

Context…what is it?

OCA students, like other Art and Design students, are often told by their tutors, the assessors and the assessment criteria to put their work into context, to contextualise it. So what are you being asked to do and why?

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Personal voice thumb

Personal voice

This a term that comes up from time to time in assessment criteria at OCA and most other art schools and has been the subject of a thread in the Student forums. The difficulty is that it is one of those phrases that is extremely difficult to explain even when one has quite a deep understanding of what it means.
Well…here goes…

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Hangout with OCA thumb

Hangout with OCA

Google Hangouts have been available to OCA students and tutors for quite some time now but I wonder how many of us are using them or even know what they are all about.

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Lorna Simpson thumb

Lorna Simpson

Peter Haveland on who should win the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize

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Research as Practice and Practice as Research thumb

Research as Practice and Practice as Research

I have just received a copy of the latest addition to the series Basics-Creative Photography published by AVA Publishing. Called Behind the Image: Research in Photography it is the third volume in a series that already includes Design Principles and Context and Narrative. Behind the Image, as with all the other books in the series, […]

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