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Adrian Eaton

Confessions of an art student: Part 5

May I encourage you by saying that the answer to who you are artistically – your voice – is inside you right now. The studies we undergo, are a long term process of refinement; and self-reflection is the furnace though which the artistic self is forged. Truth is forged!

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Confessions of an art student: Part 4

Recently I was contemplating the distinction between origin and originality. I was reading Re-writing the Self by Mark Freeman at the time I was reviewing contemporary artist research for Major Project and how they influenced my own work. I was horrified. What I took to be my own work, the product of commitment to a process with no predetermined fixed point or predicted outcome, resulted in pieces that were strikingly similar to those out there in the world.

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Confessions of an art student: Part 3

I have been reading “The Art Therapy Sourcebook” by Cathy A. Machioldi and pursuing my own interests in art therapy since I believe in the healing power of art to make positive changes in lives. I believe that being engaged in creative pursuits is helping me manage my M.E. and helping me to function at […]

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Confessions of an art student: Part 2

The purpose of studies is to build you up – strong – like a statue. First with lots of scaffolding but, over the course of time, the scaffolding is successively removed as to reveal a structure capable of standing on its own two feet – even in the strong winds and rain of criticism.

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Confessions of an art student

I am at the start of Level 3 (assignment 2) and experiencing the same feelings I had with my first course, Drawing 1, in what feels like a life-time ago in 2012…

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