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An Interview with Joachim Schmid

Joachim Schmid, (b.1955) is a prominent German photographer who has based his photographic career on using other people’s pictures.  In a genre  referred to as Found Photography Schmid provides witty and perceptive insights into our collective fascination with using photography to document our existence.  Using vernacular photography he found either in fleamarkets or online Schmid makes […]

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Vernacular Photography and Digital Sharing

We are living in an age where photography is everywhere, we share it with everyone and photographs of our everyday existence end up in all sorts of places.  It often seems like we are sleep walking in our contribution to mass photography and digital sharing, with examples of people uploading images straight from their camera […]

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Exposure: voyeurism, surveillance and authenticity

Saturday morning saw me at the Tate Modern with a small group of OCA students to visit the exhibition Exposure: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera. It was a real pleasure to meet a group of students, get their perspectives on the work displayed and get a sense of their experience of studying with the OCA. […]

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