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Composer/Performer or Performer/Composer? thumb

Composer/Performer or Performer/Composer?

I have, probably since the age of 14 or so, identified myself as a composer. I played piano (and also guitar and flute rather unsuccessfully), and have variously performed as a classical pianist, accompanist, duo partner, cocktail pianist, jazz pianist, and even a keyboardist in a rock band, yet because I studied composition at music college, and I now lecture in composition, I never really identified as being a performer.

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Getting your works performed 1: Starting Points thumb

Getting your works performed 1: Starting Points

There comes a point in the life of most (if not all) composers, when the computer-generated realisation of their music is no longer enough, and some sort of contact with live performers is required. Employ some musicians. Go to a composer workshop, such as the one held recently at the OCA Enter a competition Send […]

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