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Lia Harness

Scroll free September: Interview with Gemma White, Learner Support Adviser.

I’m not sure I’m ready for cold turkey, I have a 17 month old daughter that likes Peppa Pig and Baby Shark so often social media during the day is necessary for my sanity! Also I think the majority of my use is usually after 6pm.

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Scroll free September: Interview with Will Woods, Principal.

I think for me it’s really a good way of recognising how much time is spent doing social media and how that could be better spent. I’ve spent time with my daughter re-decorating her room and it was great. All of the small bits of time add up to quite a lot over the course of a week – I’ve been amazed.

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Scroll-free September

#weareoca will feature updates from staff members across the month of September – I will personally be trying the ‘night owl’ (take a break from social media after 6pm each night) after an unsurprising check on my usage via an app-monitoring tool. We’d love you to join us – let us know how you fared on the quiz and share which plan you’ll be doing!

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OCA Bursaries – help with course fees

As part of the OCA’s charitable purpose, each year our Learner Support Scheme helps new and existing students with a low household income to access our courses.
This is in the form of partial bursaries towards the course fees, dependant on household income. Applicants must not be eligible for other sources of funding, such as Student Finance.

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