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Academic Misconduct

By studying with OCA you are undertaking a course and creating and submitting work to meet the learning outcomes

It is important that the work you create is your own, and fully references any influences that you might have had whilst creating it. Submitting work that is not your own or that includes work created by or influenced by others, is called Academic Misconduct. This covers a range of different things including plagiarism (where you don’t reference others work to pass it off as your own), self-plagiarism (using your own work without reference), collusion (cooperation for a deceitful purpose) and others.

OCA policies set out the different types of academic misconduct, how these are monitored, what happens if evidence of academic misconduct is discovered, and what happens if academic misconduct is proven.

Plagiarism and Malpractice in Coursework and Assessment Policy

Policy from 2022/23

Academic Misconduct Policy

Policy from 2023/24