I am a maker, academic and educator based on the South East coast in Brighton and where I teach at the University of Brighton on art, design and humanities courses. Previously, I have worked with undergraduate and postgraduate art and design students teaching studio practice along with historical, cultural and critical thinking at various higher education institutions. These include the Royal College of Art, Middlesex University and London College of Fashion. This has lead me to establish a diverse range of teaching methods and an understanding of key current developments in art and design education and practice.

I also have 10 years experience of professional practice working within the television, film and theatre industry as a costume designer, art director and stylist.

Central to my past and current research have been frameworks of class represented through dress and textiles and how these in turn direct our reaction to, and place within, community. Both my teaching and practice consider contemporary cultural issues of human behaviour in social contexts. I apply investigative methods from a range of disciplines including art practice, photography; film- narrative, documentary and amateur; oral history and life-stories; along with object-based material culture, in my explorations of our roles in society. Key to my research is ideas of materiality and the possibilities embedded within dress and textiles. My work often considers how the traditional approach to material culture has focused on the symbolic meanings of objects and has overlooked the material qualities of ‘things’ and their impact on everyday life in contemporary culture. I have recently completed my PhD that pushed academic boundaries, by drawing on areas of dress history, business history and social studies.

For me, teaching is a privilege that embraces individual interests and abilities. It is about offering an idea, a way of looking and watching how this unravels through another’s eyes.

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