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Robert Enoch

My creative interests are broad and range across the arts: music and filmmaking, photography and sculpture, writing and installation. So, although my main studies have been in film and photography, art for me is a manifestation of process with multiple materials and tools, not a ‘specialism’. And in this way it shares something with life, because, although my work is both commissioned and personal, it tends to be contemplative, visionary and philosophical. It’s fundamental motive is the search, both subjective and objective – in truth what else is there?

My photographic work evolves over long time spans – I work with ‘collections’ not series or single projects. Formally it reflects something of cinema – and much of my work contains the element of animation. I seek – or rather find – subjects with a symbolic charge, often fleeting, commonplace and resonant, reflecting condition or mood and becoming in some way confrontational.

I’ve been a tutor for over 5 years now and along with exhibitions, tutoring is another way of engaging with people as an artist. I also work occasionally as a freelance photographer and videomaker.

  • Jesus Rose for St. Barnabas church,
  • Bright Lights Festival installations,
  • Artist residency at the University of Hertfordshire
robert enoch