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Helen Rousseau

I work with drawing and sculpture to interrogate often slight or mundane details: edges, folds, shadows, overlaps, connections and intersections that are drawn from the made world and from within the activity of making itself. As I make I pursue something glimpsed, ahead of the reach of language. I use methods involving accumulation, repetition, framing and punctuation to navigate and negotiate the intricacies of structure, precision and chance encounter. As I work I amplify and adjust each piece, tuning it to a very particular frequency. The use of emergent processes develops a network of logic particular to the work and its context and I am interested in how this approach complicates and enlivens the processes of looking, making, thinking and knowing.

I completed my MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art (2005), I was awarded a BA(Hons) in Textiles Embroidery from Manchester Polytechnic (1987). I have exhibited in the UK and abroad and I collaborate with other practitioners to explore relationships between language and practice, most recently with misreadings, APT Gallery, London, 2018.

I hold a PGATC from Cardiff Institute of Higher Education and have worked in various formal and informal learning contexts including higher, adult and secondary education. In addition to my work with OCA I work as an artist in museum and gallery education, extending my studio practice through an interest in the temporary and improvisational spaces of dialogue and discussion. Over the last fourteen years I have developed and delivered projects and learning sessions for a number of organisations including: Tate, Frieze Projects, The British Library, South London Gallery and the National Maritime Museum, among others.

I am very happy to be teaching with OCA and supporting students in the development of their work as reflective and critically engaged practitioners.

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