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The Open College of the Arts is the distance learning college of the University for the Creative Arts – one of the UK’s leading specialist art and design universities.


The OCA BA (Hons) Creative Arts degree gives you an exciting opportunity if you have a passion for more than one creative arts practice. This degree programme allows you to choose from the full range of distance learning courses available through the OCA, combining the study of art, creative writing, art history, printmaking, sculpture, music, graphic design, illustration, book design and photography. You may combine the media which interest you most, studying poetry and music for example, or art alongside creative writing, or illustration together with photography.

Degree overview

The Creative Arts Degree provides a unique opportunity for OCA students to fulfil their creative potential through studying two disciplines in depth to degree level. The development of a new level six programme for this degree gives a real opportunity to grow in its ability to merge two separate disciplines and create one final body of work, contextualise this work and develop an understanding of a professional practice.

Degree aims

  • To widen access to education in the creative arts at undergraduate level through Open and Flexible Learning.
  • Ensure students gain the technical skills in each of the disciplines chosen to form a solid foundation for further development.
  • To provide an intellectually stimulating interdisciplinary programme of study based on high quality study material and tutor support.
  • To develop students’ creative capacities and their ability in interpretation and application.
  • To develop students’ critical understanding of the theoretical and conceptual issues central to the creative arts practice and the social, historical and cultural context in which it is practised.
  • To provide an environment in which the student has the possibility of changing their view of the world and their interaction with it both artistically and intellectually.
  • To foster high-level ethical and professional standards and an awareness of the possibilities offered by existing and new developments in areas of the creative arts to expand their application areas.
  • To develop autonomous learners capable of applying intellectual and practical skills in a chosen area of contemporary creative arts activity appropriate to employment, further study, or life-long learning.

Degree prospectus


Full details of the Creative Arts degree can be found in the Programme Specification below. You can also see an overview of the pathway options for the current academic year on the download below.

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The Open College of the Arts is the distance learning college of the University for the Creative Arts – one of the UK’s leading specialist art and design universities.

“I began studying with the OCA in 2012. I chose the OCA as it gave me the option of studying in Nigeria, at my own pace and allowed time for other commitments, whilst giving me a qualification recognized in the UK.”


Ruth Goury, Creative Arts student

Programme Leader for Drawing and Creative Arts

Doug Burton

The visceral manipulation of matter and the capturing of the world around us as an entity suspended within time are central to my ideas. My work questions our relationship to the material world and the trace we leave. Through the use of a sculptural language of casting, imprinting and morphing my work brings together materials from both the physical and digital spheres. In this way my work attempts to cross-disciplines allowing for an exchange of ideas through different types of media.

Creative careers

The creative sector employs 1.9 million people in the UK alone.

By studying the OCA BA (Hons) Creative Arts degree, you can kick-start your career in the creative industries by working part-time or doing an internship whilst gaining your academic qualifications at the same time. The OCA’s Creative Arts degree will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the professional context and the professional standards required for one of the many available creative careers available. You will have gained an understanding of the needs of the various market segments, and will be prepared for seeking, continuing or changing employment or self-employment relating to the specialism of your choice.

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