Textiles Courses

Textiles Open courses at the OCA will develop your textiles arts practice with a wide range of media and techniques. You will also develop your creative capacities in the interpretation and application of imagery, tactile awareness and understanding of the theoretical and conceptual issues central to the practice of textile art.



Level 1 (HE4)

Level 2 (HE5)

Level 3 (HE6)


OCA textile courses:

  • Can be studied individually for personal development or together towards a degree.
  • Ensure you gain the traditional skills in textiles to form a solid foundation for further development.
  • Provide an intellectually stimulating programme of study based on high quality study material and support from tutors who are experienced textile artists and designers.
  • Develop your creative capacities and your ability in interpretation and application.
  • Develop your critical understanding of the theoretical and conceptual issues central to the practice of textiles and the social, historical and cultural context in which it is practiced.
  • Provide an environment in which you have has the possibility of changing your view of the world and your interaction with it both visually and intellectually.
  • Foster high-level ethical and professional standards and an awareness of the possibilities offered by existing and new developments in textiles to expand your application areas.

The textile courses focuses on the study of textiles and developing the intellectual, practical and transferable skills. The range of your courses are flexible to meet your interests, enabling you to become an independent designer and maker of contemporary textiles and accessories or a practical artist using textiles as your media to develop a personal artistic vision or voice.

Choosing your course

We have a range of courses to match your interests. Choose from the list of courses available, enrol online and within a few days you will receive your course materials and you can start your creative arts journey with the OCA.

If this is your first course we would recommend you start with the Foundations Textiles course to give you a strong foundation, unless you have already done a significant amount of textiles study previously, in which case you should start