Drawing Courses

Open courses in drawing range from an introduction to mark making to an in depth investigation of the nature of drawing at an advanced level.

Open Foundations

Level 1 (HE4)

Level 2 (HE5)

Open courses in Drawing

OCA believes in fostering drawing as a platform for the study of art.  OCA tutors are drawing practitioners, and have a love of drawing. OCA has a number of drawing Open courses, which can be studied as part of a Drawing degreePainting degree, Visual Communications degree or a Creative Arts degree. Through set projects and exercises you’ll learn to record the world around you through observation, and also draw from memory and imagination, using drawing theories and systems, and explore drawing concepts and themes. You’ll also learn to use drawing to solve problems throughout the drawing Open courses.

If you have little experience of drawing then the best place to start is Foundations Drawing. With the Open Foundations Drawing course, you’ll start by exploring different ways of using materials and tools. Discovering drawing is a pleasurable and inventive activity.

At level one, you will be exposed to a range of observational drawing techniques in a wide variety of situations. This includes drawing indoors and out, and drawing objects and people.

At level two, this moves on to an in depth look at the practice of drawing. All the Open courses in drawing encourage you to learn more about the elements of drawing practice.  They also encourage contextual research, visual research and drawing practice. The drawing Open courses are designed to encourage a robust working method. You will learn to articulate and synthesise your knowledge, understanding, and skills. Drawing hones our visual sense, teaching us to see the world around us in a unique way. Once you develop your visual sense in the course it is something you will always carry with you through other artistic disciplines. It is strongly recommended that you will maintain your observational drawing independently throughout all of the Open courses in drawing in your sketchbooks and elsewhere, taking your work into projects as appropriate.