Kim Appleton | The Open College of the Arts | OCA Showcase
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Kim Appleton

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Kim Appleton

Why I joined the OCA…

I grew up loving art in school and did well in my exams. As I progressed, I decided to study biology at university and ended up working in cancer science and clinical trials, which latterly led me to a role within the mental health and public health sector.

I still enjoyed art, so I joined the OCA Fine Art degree pathway to fulfil my creative itch. During this time, I kept up with my artwork whilst working full time until eventually putting it on hold to focus on caring for a family and disabled mother. Following a tough year when both my parents passed away, I decided to give up my career as a Trial Project Manager and complete my degree with the OCA. It was a wonderful, positive decision and helped me explore and develop my passion for art. I’m very grateful that I am in a position to do this, having the full support of my husband.

Studying from home suits me as well as my family, it means I can work around school pick up times and save money on after-school care. I suffer from IBS so studying from home helps too. I’m enjoying my course so much, it pushes me to explore new ideas, ones that I would never have attempted without the encouragement of the tutors. I would dearly like to work in the creative sector in the future, as a practicing artist or perhaps in a managerial role within a gallery. I feel this course has taught me so much, enhancing my existing skills, getting ready for my new creative career path.