James Rocke | The Open College of the Arts | OCA Showcase
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James Rocke

BA (Hons) Fine Art

James Rocke

I have always had a deep interest in Fine Art, but I had never thought about pursuing it until I had already started a career in the Armed Forces.

Being a subject that is rarely talked about amongst soldiers, I found it hard at first to surround myself with likeminded individuals. However, ever since I started the Drawing 1 course, I have been part of a large community of artists working towards the same goal, all from very different backgrounds. The help from my tutor has been incredible and has enabled me to expand my drawing skills whilst still being able to coach young recruits throughout the day.

Being in the first year of my studies, I am in the process of exploring the various creative disciplines and getting my head around higher education study. The Open College of the Arts has made the experience enjoyable and challenging enough to keep my head in the books.