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Disobedient objects – study visit

The Goddess of Democracy a 10 metre statue created during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989

Charting the art of grass roots rebellion from around the world, The V&A Museum’s Disobedient Objects is the first exhibition to “examine the powerful role of objects in movements for social change”. From a Suffragette tea service to inflatable protest tools; finely woven banners to textiles bearing witness to political murders, the objects on display show how activism drives a wealth of design ingenuity and collective creativity.
The exhibition runs from 26 July 2014 – 1 February 2015, and a study visit is planned for Friday 21 November with tutor Christian Lloyd
Focusing mainly on the late 1970s to now, the objects present an opportunity to think about how visual communication can be used for a tool for social change, from the use of illustration, typography, and textiles to the construction of situations and the use of sculptural objects in protests. Any student with an interest in how visual culture can be used for social change, the interventionist use of art and design in everyday life, or broader cultural and political interests will find this exhibition a rare opportunity to see and discuss these objects. After all, it’s not everyday you get to see political video games or experimental activist-bicycles in the V&A.
In preparation for the study visit, there’s already some excellent material available on the Disobedient Objects blog that picks up on much of the content of the exhibition and also discusses how the show was curated and presented.
The exhibition includes several take home guides on how-to make some of the objects featured, illustrated by Marwan Kaabour at Barnbrook, these How-To Guides are available online and more about Barnbrook’s designs for Disobedient Objects can be seen via this link.
Join Christian on the 21 November at 12pm to view and discuss the work. Book your place by emailing enquiries@oca-uk.com

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