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Christian Lloyd & Emma Powell – Tracy McDermott, Lina Homer & Joanna Beaumont

Christian Lloyd & Emma Powell look at the visual communications work of Tracy McDermott, Lina Homer & Joanna Beaumont.

Posted by author: Alice Morris
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2 thoughts on “Christian Lloyd & Emma Powell – Tracy McDermott, Lina Homer & Joanna Beaumont

  • I got the impression that the three students had given the assessors too much to look at by submitting via the g drive, blog and physical submission- I thought this is what we had been asked to do.
    There is also a criticism of too much work that needs to be edited by importance with some not needing to be seen.
    I’m really confused if you send your log book, surely it contains all your thoughts as you have gone along. I thought it was there to reflect your thinking and maybe some very virtuous students have thought a lot! I don’t include myself in that category.
    What interpretations did you make of it. I feel that whatever I submit will be too little or too much and I cannot win – I hate that scenario.

    • You’re right Dale, if you’re sending your logbook, it’s all there, and that will be enough. Emma and I weren’t trying to be critical of the students highlighted, or suggesting you can send in too much work, it was more a case of trying to find ways of documenting your creative output that works for you. Like we said, level one is as much about working out that balance as making the work itself.
      OCA, certainly within the Visual Communications area, offers students the opportunity to hand in physical work, have a digital learning log, and use the g-drive. You don’t have to use all three. Make a judgement about works best and focus on making the work itself. Personally, I think a combination of physical (sketchbooks, portfolio, etc) and digital (reflections, links to articles, etc) works well.
      I hope that clears up your confusion, but feel free to drop me an email if it doesn’t!

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