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Study visit to catch three in one: Twombly, Turner and Monet, all at Tate Liverpool

Neopolitan Fisher Girls, Surprised, Bathing by Moonlight by Turner
“Turner Monet Twombly: Later Paintings” at Tate Liverpool is an exciting exhibition which will stimulate and provoke comparisons, contrasts and arguments. OCA is running a study visit on 1st September starting at 11.30am, and running until 3pm. Please email enquiries@oca-uk.com to secure a place on a first come first serve basis.
Fifty Days at Iliam: Shield of Achilles, 1978 Twombly

The exhibition displays together the late works of three artists from different eras who shared a common obsession with the landscape and light. Turner said “The sun is my god” and in his late paintings the sun dissolves all, creating a world of transparent shapes and dramatic transformations of the landscape. The paintings become almost abstract in their radical approach to traditional picturesque subjects. In late Monet the waterlilies in the garden at Giverny are transformed in paint, creating a work in which shadows, reflections, light, water and flowers plunge the viewer into a disorienting and ambiguous world. Twombly’s works are abstract but also refer to and create romantic landscapes out of colour and light, whether it is the atmospheric variations of “The Four Seasons” or the paintings which evoke mythological subjects like Hero and Leander.

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One thought on “Study visit to catch three in one: Twombly, Turner and Monet, all at Tate Liverpool

  • Five of us met up and went to see this a few weeks ago – and got a lot out of it. Be warned – it’s big! There’s a lot to see and we all enjoyed not just seeing the exhibition but doing it in the company of other OCA students!

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