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OCASA – Full House

I am delighted to announce that we now have a nominee for the position of Student Representative, Visual Communications, on the OCA Student Association Committee, and it is a recent ‘star’ of WeAreOCA’s  ‘Blog of the Week’, Pam Wright.  As the sole nominee, Pam is automatically appointed into the role and she has prepared a short statement about herself, which you can read here.  I am very grateful to Pam for agreeing to take on the role and we are looking forward to working with her.  She will, I am sure, be a great asset to the team.
And the even better news is, of course, that this completes the OCASA Committee with a full set of student representatives.  As a reminder, here are the names of the Committee members:
          Stan Dickinson, President
          Mary Adam, Fine Art & Art History
          Sarah Dodds, Textiles
          Brenda Knee, Creative Writing
          Chris Lawry, Music
          Stuart McQuade, Photography
          Pam Wright, Visual Communications
In addition, Jim Smith, who has been working with OCA on setting up the student association and with me since I became President, will attend our first committee meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday 20th October.

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4 thoughts on “OCASA – Full House

  • This is good news. Best of luck all. I am keen to hear how the first meeting goes – especially how the challenge of remote participation is resolved (I assume that Mary won’t be flying in from Port of Spain for the occasion).

  • Eileen – the remote participation is (hopefully) under control and to be tested out shortly! And the minutes of the meetings will be published, of course, so you will be able to follow our progress.

  • Thank you all for agreeing to take on this role. I am sue that you will help making the learning/studying experience more enjoyable for all of us. Although I am a new student in photography, I have already been enjoying the stimulus from reading other students blogs and comments, both on media and the different fora. I enjoy not only the photography side but hearing all of the arts. An interesting element is the high numbers of mature students. The other thing that I am looking at is a small database that helps me understand what level other students are at in their studies and what there blog addresses are etc. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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