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For those who love to draw….

Really, you should get into sketchcrawling. Its such fun, and totally absorbing. Here is a video about a sketchcrawl aevent that took place at Yorkshire Sculpture Park a couple of weeks ago with Sketchcrawl North and some OCA students. It was great fun, as you can see. For further details about sketchcrawling and seeking your nearest group, find Sketchcrawl on Facebook, and if you are in Northern England search for Sketchcrawl North. The other website to look at and engage with is which will inspire you in your drawing. Listen to an OCA student on the sketchcrawl talking about what he thought of his first venture into sketchcrawling.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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19 thoughts on “For those who love to draw….

      • Hi Jane, I live in East Dorset and currently studying watercolour towards a BA Hons Painting degree. If you would like to contact me, maybe we could meet up for a sketching trip while the weather is reasonable.
        Kind regards, Jean.

    • Yes I’d deffinitely be interested too. I’m in the Bristol area and it would be great to be with like minded people. Anyone from Bristol doing drawing?

  • This is a really good idea. When I first heard Sketchcrawling mentioned I had an image of people drawing on the pavement with chalk for some reason, so it was good to see the video. I have taken groups of students out to sketch on many occasions, but this is different as it is artist led and nobody pays. It seems it has been born out of the recession. It can be daunting drawing outside but, if there is a crowd of you, then there is less of a feeling of vulnerability and embarrassment. I have to say I was envious seeing all these people siting on the grass wearing tee shirts. The weather up in Edinburgh has been so poor for months. You have to really grab the opportunity when you can. I like the idea of supporting and encouraging each other, too. It could be the new alternative for the cafe culture.

  • I am SO impressed with the film you have created of the day, Mark. It really gets across all the different aspects of SketchCrawling, as well as the relaxed but also energised feel of the YSP event. Thank you for making me sound like I know what I am talking about!

  • @Dewald – cheers. It’s nice to be able to do something more than a headshot interview sometimes. Glad you liked.
    @Lynne – Very kind words. Thanks for taking the time to be filmed and putting up with me following you all around!

  • Sketchcrawling sounds like a fantastic idea, it’s a shame I couldn’t attend the event in Yorkshire, but hopefully there will be more events in the future. Is there anyone in the South of England who would be interested in coordinating an event?

  • My local art group in Dingwall has started going out on location to draw or paint every couple of weeks during the summer.OK so we do have to be near a loo and a coffee shop because of our age demographic and the Highland weather, but most of the people who go along would never dream of going out and drawing outside on their own. I am sure there must be many groups who do the same.It’s worth asking around.

  • This sounds a great idea. Is there anyone in the North Wales, Chester area who would like to do the same? It’s a beautiful film of a lovely landscape. I’m curous about what other OCA students look like!! What a huge variety of ages, and the glimpses at the sketchbooks were really interesting.

  • The urban sketching movement has published “The Art of Urban Sketching: Drawing on Location Around the World by Gabriel Campanario” which I bought recently. I thought it would be a little sketchbook overview but it is a terrfic tome showing work by sketchers all around the world. For each drawing, and there are hundreds in every style and medium, it describes the medium, size, length of time taken and support used. Now that’s my kind of book!

  • Beautiful video.
    Please can someone tell me what tool Lynne is using for her sketch right at the beginning, around 00.38 seconds.

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