What is your tutor up to? Chapter 15: Angela Rogers - The Open College of the Arts
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What is your tutor up to? Chapter 15: Angela Rogers

Congratulations also to OCA’s Angela Rogers who is in an upcoming exhibition ‘You and I are discontinuous beings’ – an exhibition to celebrate the publication and launch of ‘Collective and Collaborative Drawing on Contemporary Practice: Drawing Conversations’ which OCA’s Kimberley Foster is also a part of.
The exhibition opens with a private view on Wednesday 2 May and continues 3-14 May at International Project Space, Birmingham School of Art.

Writing/Drawing II: Meet me on the paper. 1.22 x 76 cm. Graphite on paper and video.

Meet Me on the Paper is part of an on-going project that explores human encounters through drawing. The Drawing Encounters project is based on the idea that the activity of drawing may bring us into the present moment and drawings themselves can materialise concepts, feelings and interactions. These encounters have taken the form of improvised conversations with strangers on trains, online dialogues and extended postal exchanges. In making this drawing of my book chapter, I found my writing and drawing selves asking each other questions that I have tried to interrogate on the paper, the video is my coda.

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