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Student work: Amardeep Kaur thumb

Student work: Amardeep Kaur

I am really happy to be sharing with you the work of BA Textiles student Amardeep Kaur, who recently completed and submitted for assessment Textiles 2: Contemporary Context. 

Amardeep’s textile practice focuses around the production of bright digitally printed fabrics. In this course unit she created work for interiors, fashion and gallery spaces. At a physical assessment the assessor is able to measure the tactile qualities of the work and how the fabrics behave in relation to drape through touch and handling. To ensure the assessor had the best understanding of these qualities the student made this snappy little film that playfully explores and illustrates ways of communicating the physical qualities of the fabric. Within the film she also contextualises where they might be used and enjoyed, from cushion covers to trainers. This along with her other films the viewer can shape an understanding of the work and how Amardeep visualises the fabric’s end use. Please take a look at her Learning Log for more insights into Amardeep’s creative practice. 

Learning log https://textilescontemporarycontext.wordpress.com/

Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1gjBa-o3VQ

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Posted by author: Rebecca Fairley
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4 thoughts on “Student work: Amardeep Kaur

  • Wonderful work and the vibrant colours really zing. Looking at your Learning Log I was also struck by your writing on patterned carpets as I remember they were all the rage years back in the 1970s/80s.

  • The point to be focused on in this post might be the way of presentation, but I simply like your textile design! You translated rather traditional motifs in a very unique way in the contemporary context, which is appealing in practical end use. I was wondering if OCA Textiles course was oriented more to fine art side than to practical one, but your approach has shown that both sides could nourish each other.

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