New textiles tutor: Introducing Pere Bruach

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Textiles have a great quality to be everywhere and to fit in many different fields within design.
Exploring new ways of working and adapting to other subjects really open yourself and enriches your ways of seeing, possibilities and understanding of textiles. Through my practice I have used techniques and processes that are specific to certain areas of design and tried to apply them into other fields to open new possibilities, most times these “experiments” result into mistakes, and some other times into “happy mistakes” that helps you to progress on your work, I find this way of working very creative and satisfactory. As part of my practice I collaborate with many designers and companies multidisciplinary, and I take part in a variety of projects that are very different from one another. I have chosen three projects in which I have been involved working with Interior, Advertising and Fashion design teams to show you some examples.

Pere Bruach Lane Crawford from Open College of the Arts on Vimeo.

In 2014 I Collaborated with Lane Crawford, an Asian luxury retail company based in Shanghai. I worked together with French artist Camille Walala, and Chinese visual artist Xue Li to create the Interiors and Windows of the stores in Hong Kong, Shanghai and other cities in Asia. The project explored the theme of “Global Traveller”, focusing on colour and pattern and taking inspiration from the reflections of cities all around the world, their Rivers, Their buildings… A set of graphic prints, renaissance inspired drawings and rich textures where mixed up to cover Furniture, Metallic panels, and 3 Dimensional Shapes. Using Digital printing onto different materials, including Metal, Wood and Paper.

For a few years I worked for the Red Cross in Barcelona and developed Graphic designs for the Visual Communication team. The team worked on a variety of different projects some in digital media and some others printed. Concepts are particularly important when working in advertising, in the same way as it is to create catchy and inspiring messages through the designs. the image has to replace the words.

This posters were designed to recruit volunteers for the Red Cross and the design consisted on a scaled up finger print drawn by the names of volunteers from the Red Cross in Barcelona, the slogan of the campaign was “Deixa empremta” ( leave your stamp).

Book marks for the festivity of “Sant Jordi” (Saint George), it is celebrated every 23rd of April and is Barcelona’s most romantic day of the year. St Jordi is a day of Roses, Romance and Books. 10.000 Book Marks were printed and sold in only one day to raise funds for underprivileged children. The Book marks contain the Rose of Saint George, designed with icons inspired by the city of Barcelona and the Red Cross.

Most recently I worked on the Pre Autumn Winter Collection within the Embroidery team in Alexander McQueen, The collection was influenced by Medieval antiquities and Mythological creatures. The designs are drawn and engineered digitally on the pattern pieces. The designs are embroidered in organza and features doves, raspberries & wild flowers, hand-embroidered in satin stitch and bullion.

I hope these examples encourage students to try to work outside of their comfort areas and explore different techniques, processes and fields within their practice.
Image Credit: © Pere Bruach

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