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Collage in textiles

Mandy Pattullo is well known for her repurposing of old textiles and transforming scraps into stunning wearable ensembles. She has made her mark on a wonderfully illustrative genre of textiles, she uses wildlife as inspiration to create beautiful stitched artworks. 

Illustrating all kinds of animals from deer to fox, red squirrelsMandys fabric portraits are filled with affection. She trained as a surface pattern and textile designer and she is now based in the countryside where she hand sews most of her creations combining piecing and appliqué with stitch while collaging with found objects and bits of embroidery. 

Her influences range from antique patchwork and appliquéd quilts, to Louise Bourgeois, Rauschenberg and even the art of junk shopping.

Lara Schnitger is an Artist based in Los Angeles, The artist excavates text and image by removing colour from dyed fabric, creating a stencilled effect that conveys her all-caps urgency.

Whether in her epic fabric structures, a sampling of which is currently at Anton Kernor her fierce costumes for dance, her performative collaborations with My Barbarian, and her jumpsuits for Red Hot Chili Pepper Flea, Lara Schnitger has channeled all manner of textile arts.

She uses patchwork and she is now translating a post-patchwork aesthetic to a new couture line. The collection, called Never Alone, is dedicated to the working (and breastfeeding) mom.

Textiles Artist Amy Wilson also works using textiles and patchwork. Her project Soft MoMA is a quilted, free-hanging lament to the loved and lost intimate museum experience the artist enjoyed as a child. Step inside its enveloping folds, where, via two quilted alter egos, she reflects on her discomfort in a shiny new museum world where everyone else seems to be smiling.

Stephen Sollins wants his pieces of work to look more like quilts, other times more like paintings. He has obsessively deconstructed the patterns and structures of several traditional quilts in the American Folk Art Museums collection. His collection Alt_quiltsis an intricate construction made with pasted-paper interiors of billing and financial envelopes. Some of his work also combines digital elements to the process. The artist scans images and digitally processes them to extract the shapes of its parts, assigned the results through a random number generator to various striped envelope patterns, and creates a facsimile of the original quilt with them.

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Posted by author: Pere Bruach
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One thought on “Collage in textiles

  • Dear Pere,
    This is an interesting and informative piece. Thank you …
    I went on a Mandy Pattullo workshop a while back and created a running fox. I wrote the weekend up and posted pictures in my student blog. I learnt so much from the weekend and I really enjoy fabric collage work. I will look into the other artists in your article.

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